2019’s Hottest Interior Paint Colours

Can you believe we’re already a month into 2019? Only one more year until the 21st century leaves its adolescence and joins the adult world – which makes it the perfect time to touch up the interior of your home with a new paint job! Make sure you choose a colour which is fresh and modern and won’t look drab and outdated within a few years. Here’s our hot tips for the best colours for interior painting in 2019!

What does Pantone Say?

Pantone, renowned as the international body for standardised accurate colour communication between painters, designers, retailers and manufacturers, officially announced Living Coral as their colour of the year for 2019. As a warm orange colour with gold and pink undertones, Living Coral is reminiscent of vibrant natural surroundings, and feels both energizing and optimistic. While it may be a bold move to choose Living Coral as your interior paint, with the right furniture placement and a bit of confidence, there’s every chance it’d bring a whole new life to your house.

What about us?

Here at Thomas Fisher Painters, we consider ourselves a colourful bunch – after all, our work does revolve around colour! Here’s our picks for the best interior colours this year.

Off-Cream – Since hitting the minds of designers and decorators a few years ago, the minimalist movement has swept over the world and is carrying on strong into 2019. If you’re going for a minimal interior aesthetic, consider shades such as off-cream, beige and off-whites.

Terracotta – Going for an earthy mood with your décor? Don’t overlook the warmth and vibe provided by colours like Terracotta, Clay and Rust, bringing the wondrous colours of the desert into your living room for an astonishing effect.

Grey – Although some people shy away from it due to its often-overwhelming connotations, grey is an overlooked neutral tone that can do wonders to the interior walls of a property. Subdued tones and shades like cool greys and blue-greys can add soothing and contemplative undertones to rooms like studies for when you need a bit of inspiration.

Thinking of something else?

No matter what kind of colour you’re after for your home, we can help find something perfect for you. We’ve seen a resurgence in vibrant colours like citrus orange and greens in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms for a touch of brightness – get in touch with us to see if these colours would suit your home today!