Art Painting: the Easiest Techniques to Do It Yourself

manila-1426826_1920Walls are probably the most viewed parts of the interior though we may not realize it to the full extent. That’s why the issue of decoration should be taken responsibly and seriously.

There are many ways to decorate a wall – from painting to photo wallpapers. But one of the most exciting ways is art painting which can create a certain mood in the whole house. Compared to other ways of decoration, it’s time-consuming but your interior will be unique and spectacular.

Art painting is one of the most ancient ways of wall decoration. Even when people learned how to build their homes, they were willing to paint the walls in their caves. The flourish of the art of mural painting was in the Renaissance. It was the epoch of Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Mural painting is a unique way to decorate your wall and to express your personality. Let’s consider some peculiarities of decorating the walls with art painting.

First of all, we should mention that painting the walls means not only their decoration but an independent design of your room. And of course, such way of decoration has its peculiarities. Selecting a picture for the wall, you shouldn’t forget that this image will be in front of your eyes for a long time. So, too aggressive and shocking images are not recommended. Be sure to take care of the unity of furniture, lighting and interior styles.

You can paint all the walls in the room or just one. Or even just a small section of the wall. For the bedroom, it is recommended to select a pattern of soft colours – for example, a landscape. For the living room, you can find something more solemn and appealing. An image of beautiful fruit looks nice in the kitchen. The most popular scenes for the children’s room are cartoons with favourite characters.

Here are some modern techniques of art painting:

Grisaille. The painting is executed in different shades of grey to imitate a sculptural texture.

Acrylic painting. It’s the quickest and most simple way of painting. This kind of painting is the best for beginners because they can easily correct the mistakes. Furthermore, the acrylic paintings on walls can be combined with the use of stencils.

Painting with fluorescent paint. The walls look really nice at night.

Graffiti. It’s painting on the walls using aerosol paint.

Painting with stencils. It’s one of the simplest ways because you don’t need to have any artistic abilities to paint with stencils. The range of stencils is overwhelming, so you will easily find a good one for you.

All these techniques are easy and can be executed by any people. However, if you are not sure in your skills, it is better to consult professionals.