Different Ways to Colour Your Kitchen

Many people tend to consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends congregate, it’s where you make soul-soothing food that transcends time and space, it’s where memories are made, laughter is shared and there’s an ever-present scent of nostalgia.

Everyone designs their kitchen differently, and there’s many ways to use colour to reflect the values you want your kitchen to exude. T Fisher Painters asked three different people what their ideal kitchen would look like.

Cool Tones with Natural Wood

This kitchen is one that embraces a contemporary vibe. It has beautifully painted navy cabinets with pristine looking silver handles. There’s a lovely cool-toned island in the center of the kitchen with a timber countertop and cushioned barstools. The walls are painted a muted shade — maybe a grey, off-white or muted blue. This way it makes the cabinets stand out a bit better. There’s always fresh fruit on the countertop and little selection of herbs planted by the window.

Hamptons Style Kitchens

This kitchen takes on a style that is timeless especially with its use of beautiful coastal tones. There’s plenty of storage space with the grey cabinets lined along the walls and the island in the center of the kitchen. The walls are a crisp white with plenty of flowers and green plants to add character to the room. On the walls are wooden floating shelves that hold a beautiful set of coral-coloured plates, bowls and mugs. In this kitchen, everything is where it should be, and you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Vibrant, Warm Toned Kitchen

This kitchen is a mixture of warm and vibrant colours. The walls are a bright orange with the exception of the feature wall against the sink. That one has an eccentric-patterned wallpaper that will grab the attention of anyone in that kitchen. There’s a beautiful set of timber cabinets for storage and little trinkets placed everywhere. The floating shelves are filled with different plants, herbs and spices. When you walk into this kitchen, you’ll smell the aroma of your favourite food.

There’s no right way to colour your kitchen, but there’s many ways. Let T Fisher Painters help you express the heart of your home. No matter what colour you’re looking for, or what atmosphere you want your kitchen to have — we can work with you to give you the kitchen your heart desires.