Feature Walls: How to Do It Right

Creating a feature wall is an interesting and inexpensive way to liven up any room and give it a personality of its own. This can be a bright coloured wall that pops, or an ever so subtle alternative shade to the rest of the room, simply providing some texture and depth. it is totally up to you and you can determine which type of feature wall will suit your home depending on the surrounding décor and style.

Types of feature walls

There are a variety of feature wall styles to choose from and picking a type that suits your room’s purpose and desired atmosphere is imperative to the interior design of your home. Read through a few of the ideas below to see which may be applied to your space.

Using wallpaper for a feature wall means you can get really creative. Whether it’s just a simple pattern to create texture, a vintage pattern or a detailed image or print of a scenery, the possibilities are endless with wallpaper. Incorporate lots of colour or alternatively go for a more neutral palate depending on your objectives.

For a dramatic effect, using a strong block colour as a feature wall can make any room stand out. If you are choosing a bold colour, it is recommended you keep the furnishings and other elements of the room quite simple and neutral in colour to not be overpowering to the decor of the room.

ladder-1977946_1920Picking the room

A kids room is a great space to incorporate a feature wall as these rooms should be fun, colourful and vibrant. You can take more risks in your kid’s room that you perhaps wouldn’t in other more neutral rooms of the house. Pick a wall and create a fun pattern or stencil design, or perhaps even get a colourful image painted on it.

A master bedroom is also a good space for a feature wall as you can really emphasise a section, such as the wall that the bed is placed against, to create a focal point in the room.

Choosing the right painters for the job

It’s important to have the right painters whichever type of feature wall you choose. A creative design and vision can be nothing if not executed properly, with skill and precision. Contact Thomas Fisher Painting today for more information on their services which include working across residential, commercial and industrial spaces.