Finishing and Maintaining your Deck

Having Issues with Your Deck?

Whether it’s simply old and worn out or it’s been damaged by adverse weather or some other accident, there’ll be a time where you’ll need to repair your deck to ensure its longevity for your home. However, it can often be a bit tricky understanding the difference between paint, stain and deck coating, and how each can impact the appearance and durability of your deck.

Why Choose Paint?

If your deck is comprised of unsightly wood or you’re looking to have your deck compliment the colour of your house’s exterior, paint may be the best solution. Painting your deck will cover up any blemishes or marks in the wood completely and offers great UV protection. Paint also tends to be quite easy to clean and resists well against rot and mould than other products. However, because paint is susceptible to wear from heavy foot traffic, decks often need to be repainted, which is why many homeowners choose to paint their railings and stain their decks for a sturdy finish and good-looking results.

Stains and Coating

If you’re going for a rustic look with your deck or want to show off the natural characteristics of your timber deck, stains may be what you’re looking for. Stains are relatively easy to apply, come in a wide range of colours and show off the beautiful natural grain of your wood. However, like paints, you may need to reapply stains every year or so depending on the quality of the product and number of coats you applied.

Although deck coating bears a similar texture and thick consistency to that of paint, it boasts various benefits that will prove to make a difference to the longevity of your deck over time. While generally more expensive than coating or paint, deck coating is extremely effective for filling cracks and splinters in your timber, ensuring that you can walk around barefoot without fear of hurting your feet. Most deck coating is also slip-resistant and tends to last a lot longer than paint does, making it a viable solution for those looking for an option for their deck which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Need some Professional Help?

Want your deck to stand out as the centrepiece of your outdoor entertaining area? T Fisher Painters are experienced in deck restoration and can make your deck look great regardless of what you choose to coat it with. Enquire today to find out more!