Get a Professional Look

When running a business or professional environment it’s important to have the right look for your interior design. One way to ensure this is to choose the right paint colours and textures for your space to create the atmosphere you are wishing to project. This can be different depending on what the space is – for example, the colour palette of a café could be very different to an office or boutique store.

Shops & Boupanorama-of-the-landscape-2328387_1920tiques

Your beautiful products can fall short if not placed in the right context. Much of your brand image and personality is created by the interior of your shop or boutique, and its décor should reflect the style and design of your products. This will create a synergy between your product offering and the environment customers are in, thus creating a stronger brand for your business.

For example, if you are running a high-end clothing boutique shop with monochrome coloured clothing, you décor should reflect this sleek look. Use shades of black, white and grey paint to emphasise this simplicity. If you have a toy shop, you may perhaps wish to incorporate more colour, and even a patterned feature wall to reflect a fun and bubbly energy.

Restaurants & Cafes

The same can be said for a hospitality environment. When walking past a new café or restaurant, many potential patrons will judge if the place will have nice food or not by the look of the inside. If the décor is interesting and eye catching, this may grab their attention and they may venture inside to see a menu. Create a stylish and hospitable atmosphere with a range or paint, wallpaper or decorative finishes to give your establishment the look you are after. Re-painting the walls can give a café a fresh look and could be the simple make over you were searching for.

Office space

The décor within your office can greatly affect the atmosphere, culture and even potentially the work ethic of your employees. If your office is drab and boring, you will make your employees feel like coming to work is a chore. By creating vibrancy and enthusiasm with colour through paint, wall decals and interactive boards such as chalk boards or bulletin boards, you will encourage interaction with your staff and make the space a bit more exciting.

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