On-trend Homewares to Match a Freshly Painted Room

There are a few distinct trends going around in homewares and interior decorating at the moment. Some are call-backs to the 50s and 60s, such as mid-century furniture, or owning a record player for its aesthetic value, along with other retro paraphernalia. A huge trend of recent times is the minimalist movement, where people are decluttering their spaces in favour of a few simple statement pieces. If you have recently painted your home, it’s the perfect starting point to re-think your décor. Here are some on-trend pieces that you can choose to revamp your home interior style, and some paint colour suggestions to match.


Geometric vase

Geometric vases have been cropping up in homewares stores of late, coming in many different shapes, sizes and colours, representing the utmost in modern chic and style. Fill with dried wildflowers or simply leave empty for that pure minimalist vibe. Grey, off-white, brown or other neutral, earthy tones are a good choice of paint colour with a geometric vase.


Circular mirror

If you have a small room that you’d like to make appear larger, a mirror provides the perfect optical illusion, and a large circular mirror is the perfect choice. Choose one with a jet-black frame for a dramatic contrast with the rest of your decor. A fresh white coat of paint can also assist in making a cosy room appear a bit more spacious, light and airy.


Macramé pot plant hanger or wall hanging

The perfect Instagrammable decoration, the humble macramé pot plant hanger or wall hanging are making a comeback in a huge way. The hanger gives the added benefit of introducing some greenery to your space to liven it up, and will go with shades of white, green or orange.


Mid-century sideboard

A mid-century sideboard is another spot to put your house plants, record player or geometric vase, and works well with burnt orange or green-toned walls.


Embroidery hoop as wall-hanging art

Embroidery as art is becoming increasingly popular, and there are so many different clever options to choose from on Etsy and otherwise. Quirky embroidery will go well with a bright splash of colour, such as teal or turquoise.


Sheepskin throw

A sheepskin throw lying lazily across an ottoman or comfy couch adds an elegant touch to any home. IKEA sell sheepskin throws in a few different colours for a reasonable price, and the natural texture of the pelt will match well with neutral paint colours.


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