Painting Tips for a Nursery Accent Wall

elephant-2067229_1920Accent walls are the rage among interior designers today, and for good reason. A wisely selected accent wall design can transform a room completely, giving it a unique and very appealing feel. This design trick is often used for nurseries as children need to be surrounded by bright colours during their early years. However, a multicoloured interior is too much for them. An accent wall offers the perfect solution to this problem. Our tips should help you choose and paint this special wall in your baby’s room.

Choose the wall based on the room’s assets

The first thing you need to do is to choose which wall will become the ‘accent’ in your interior. This will be easy if the nursery has some special features that you can highlight. For example, an antique wardrobe or an unusual shape of the wall.

Don’t worry if your nursery doesn’t have any outstanding architectural features or exquisite furniture. In this case, you can choose any wall and make it more special with some clever painting.

Consider the baby when choosing colours

It’s essential to think of your child when you decide on the room’s colour scheme. Remember that babies get overexcited when they see garish colours. This can be good for the development in limited amounts, so purchasing some multicoloured toys is a wise decision.

However, staying in a room with this kind of paintjob will be stressful for the child and may even interfere with their emotional development. We advise choosing soft pastel colours for nursery decoration with more intense shades of both complementing and contrasting colours for the accent wall. A splash of contrast will add some depth to this design and enhance its beauty.

Use patterns to enhance the effect

An accent wall doesn’t have to be a single solid colour, but you also don’t have to turn it into an elaborate mural. Think of the nursery’s theme when you choose the pattern, and remember that babies like geometric designs.

A plaid accent wall will be a great choice for a nursery as it can incorporate several colours without looking too garish. This design is a classic and it looks great in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Add some decorations

A painting or some other types of decorations will help increase the ‘effect’ of your accent wall. However, be sure to choose them beforehand, as they need to match the paintjob. It’s best to start looking for these items first and pick the colours based on the centrepiece you find.