Painting Tips to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Before Painting

Has Your Kitchen Seen Better Days?

If you’re like most people, you probably spend way more time then you’d think in your kitchen every day – after all, it is where the magic happens! However, with all the hot oil, steam and everything else going on while you cook, you probably don’t even realise how damaged the paint in your kitchen is. This month, give your kitchen a bit of TLC – use these tips to ensure your kitchen looks as good as the rest of your house before painting.

Choose Your Paint Colour and Finish Wisely

Obviously, it’s important to choose a colour that matches the other painted walls throughout the house for your kitchen, but did you know that paint colour also affects our appetite? Many designers tend to avoid using certain colours in kitchens, such as blue, black and purple due to their potential to numb your appetite, whereas whites, creams and earthy hues tend to reflect the food that we consume.

Similarly, choosing a suitable paint finish can make all the difference to maintaining the overall hygiene of your kitchen. Personally, we recommend finishes such as satin or semi-gloss for the kitchen, which should be glossy enough to be wiped down easily but also hide any surface imperfections.

Clean Surfaces Before Painting

Because of all the oil, grease, food residue and grime that builds up in your kitchen, it’s important to give your walls a thorough clean before you start any painting. Scrub the areas around your oven and stovetop with warm water and sodium phosphate for a hygienic result and smooth finish – you might need to attack some areas with a damp cloth or vacuum to ensure all the grit is gone before you go Picasso.

Cover Up

This is standard practice before painting any room or surface, but always remember to mask over the edges of any ceramic tiles, appliances or benchtops with tape before you or anyone else starts to paint. If you’re only touching up part of your kitchen, make sure it isn’t going to look glaringly obvious and stand out more than the rest of your kitchen does. Also, make sure you cover the floor up with newspaper or a sheet to protect from the dreaded drip, and if you’re simply touching up your kitchen cabinets or drawers, it’s always easiest to take them out or off their hinges to paint them.

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