The Best Colours to Paint Your Rental Property

Investing in a rental property can be a great source of income. However, getting those returns on investment takes time and effort, especially when it comes to maintaining the attractiveness of your property.

According to the Australian census, the percentage of individuals renting in Australia has been consistently on the rise. So, it is vital that property owners ensure they take steps to making their property desirable to potential renters.

One of the key features of any home is the colour of the walls; Colours have an enormous effect on the attitudes and emotions of individuals. Meaning just having the wrong colour can immediately switch some people off, despite other positives.

So, how do you stay on track and make good choices when it comes to painting your rental property?

Avoid Daring Colours

Bright paint colours can be a great feature wall in many homes. However, with rental properties, you get individuals from all walks of life coming to see your home. Daring and quirky colours might sit well with some but not with others.

You’ll find it difficult to reach a broader audience with bright yellows, oranges or reds, bright blues and similar hues. You want to ensure renters have the option of making the space their own so it can feel like a home. Bright colours can sometimes feel like you’ve already made the choice for the, which can out off a lot of individuals looking to rent.

Make Use of Neutral Hues

A majority of landlords tend to go with neutral colours as they appeal to a wider audience of potential tenants. Neutral colours like beige, grey and cream are very easy on the eyes. Dark neutrals can also be used if you would like feature walls without putting off renters. It’s better to use darker neutrals in confined spaces like a separate dining room area for a cosier feel.

The idea of using neutral colours/features should also extend to tiles, hardwood floors, carpets etc. as these colours tend to be timeless and can easily incorporate the ever-changing home deco trends.

Use High-Quality Paint & Ones That Don’t Show Dirt

Even when going with neutrals, it’s probably best to stay away from stark white walls as they tend to show every speck of dirt. However, you don’t have to stay completely away from whites and opt only for murky colours. You can choose to go with satin or semi-gloss paint as crayon, scuff marks and even grease can be easily wiped off.

Get in Touch with Experts

Painting can take up a lot of time and energy. With rental properties, it’s best to consult the experts like the ones at T Fisher Painters to ensure you get a good paint job.