Once you’ve got a new paintjob, there are so many more ways to freshen up your home and enhance the new look. It’s not necessary to do something as drastic or costly as get a new lounge suite or dining room table. There are plenty of small ways you can provide that extra touch, and adding in a bit of greenery in the form of hardy houseplants is a great way to do it. Here are just a few that will thrive and brighten up your home.




A peace lily is a beautiful glossy plant with an elegant white flower that will add a sense of style and class to your home. Not only does it offer a lovely splash of greenery, the peace lily also acts as an air purifier, filtering out nasty toxins from the air in your home and improving the health of your family.


bamboopalmBAMBOO PALM

A bamboo palm is another with healthy beneficial air purifying qualities. An Instagram favourite, this proud plant will fit well into the modern home in a sleek black pot. If you have a coloured feature wall in shades of teal or vibrant orange, a bamboo palm will look perfect in front as a contrast.



Haworthia is a hardy succulent that will survive and thrive. If you’re one of those people who forgets to water their plants, this one’s for you. Haworthia is a little plant that has its own personality, and is compact enough to fit onto a bookshelf or mantelpiece to inject a bit of green into any room. If you fancy doing DIY, a great idea is to plant a Haworthia plant in a teacup or toy dinosaur with holes drilled in the bottom.

snake plant


This is another plant with personality. Looking fantastic in a white pot on a hall table or windowsill, their tranquil long green and yellow-streaked leaves are like a friend waving hello. This is another low-maintenance plant for the forgetful plant owner. Snake plants are also renowned for their air purifying benefits.



Aloe plants come in many different varieties with varying aesthetics. Some can be squat but cute little things, and others have long elegant tendrils.  Put them in a square pot for a modern home, and reap the medicinal benefits by pruning off an offset and using the sap for sunburn or other irritations.