The Psychology of Colour: Paint Your Home Happy

It’s well known that colour can affect your mood, but do you know what each individual colour means and which emotions it can trigger? This is important to know and think about when choosing the colours to paint certain rooms of your house. We’ve had a look at assorted colours and which rooms in your home they are most suited to given the atmosphere you are trying to create.


Blue is said to slow respiration and heart rate, proving to be calming and relaxing. Often recommended for bathrooms or office spaces, it is also considered a colour that encourages productivity and focus. Make sure you balance blue with warm hues or fabrics so it doesn’t feel too cold. Combining blue with warm neutral tones is best.


Perfect for the bedroom, green is considered the most restful colour for the eye. Promoting comfort and togetherness, it can also be well suited to a family or living room. Green can also be used as a calming colour for decorating, and is ideal to incorporate into a bedroom.


Yellow is the happiest colour and is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms to encourage light and to celebrate the joy of sunshine. It is energising and uplifting, but is not a good choice for a main colour scheme. Try and use it in pops of colour rather than in multiple large items such as on walls, on a couch and on surrounding décor combined. This can be overwhelming and in large amounts, yellow has been proven to cause frustration and anger.


Red has been known to raise a room’s energy level. Often used to stir up excitement, it is the most intense colour. Red also looks great at night under lamplight, and will create a stylish and elegant atmosphere. It is ideal for use in dining rooms or living spaces as it can encourage interaction.


Often associated with luxury and creativity, a purple in its darkest hue such as an eggplant can give a room depth. This can be created using accessories and statement pieces. Lighter hues of purple such as lavender or lilac are perfect for bedroom walls to create a sense of restfulness.


A very energetic colour, orange is a perfect colour for a gym or work our room as it incites motivation. It is therefore not suitable for a bedroom or place of rest as it can be too distracting and stimulating so try to avoid orange in these rooms.

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