Top 5 Ideas for Painting in Summer

With the warm season well and truly upon us, there’s no better time to give your walls a spruce up to shine throughout summer. Whether you’re looking to get outside and get your hands dirty or hire a professional to touch up your interior, it’s important to consider a few things before you start painting your house this summer. Here’s our hot tips for painting when it’s hot!

The early bird gets the worm

If there’s one thing the Gold Coast is renowned for, it’s the relentless sunshine we get – why else would it be called the Gold Coast? However, it’s important to remember that painting when the temperature is over 35 degrees can result in blisters and make paint dry too quickly, creating a rather unappealing finished product. If you’re painting your house this summer, try to do it before the brutal afternoon heat – set an alarm and get to work by 6am for the best results.

Stick to the shade

If you do need to paint throughout the day due to time or economic restraints, make sure you do it smartly. Follow the movement of the sun, and start on the east of your property and make your way around to the west by the end of the day to make sure you’re working in the shade as much as possible.

Prepare your surfaces

It’s always a good idea to prepare the surface you intend to paint before you go full Picasso. Scrape off blistered paint and remove any surface mildew, grime or foliage from all surfaces, and ensure they’re all clean and dry before you start painting.

Watch for the wind

Unfortunately, windy days do not make painting a breeze. Windy days often throw up dust, sand and other particles into the air, which can cling to your paint and create blemishes in the overall finish. Same goes for rain – it’s always best to avoid painting before and after rainy days to let your paint dry as best as possible.

Stay Hydrated

This one’s obvious, but so easy to forget. If you’re spending long hours painting outdoors in the heat, make sure you have a full water bottle on standby, and make sure you slip-slop-slap to avoid heatstroke or a nasty sunburn. You don’t want a simple painting job to turn into a visit to the hospital!

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