Why Grey is a Great Shade for Your Home

aptos-296159_1920While a neutral grey may seem a safe – or even dull – choice for some, it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than thinking of grey as an insipid or oppressive shade, appreciate it for its wonderful versatility and the gorgeous depth it can bring to a room. Classy and sophisticated, grey walls bring a touch of interest to your home, impressive everyone who walks in.

Choosing the right paint shade

The first step is choosing the precisely the right grey for you and your home. There is a huge variety of grey tones that you can choose from when deciding how to paint your walls. From a light and bright shade to a dark, evocative grey, you will have the freedom to select from a huge spectrum of swatches. So, how do you choose between them and make sure that the grey you are getting is the right one? By looking at the undertones.

Focus on the darkest shade on the swatch – when you’re comparing undertones, darker shades make their undertones more apparent. Which you choose depends on the space itself. If you have a large, open-plan living room, choose the shade that has warm undertones – red, brown, yellow and orange undertones in the grey can make the room feel cosier.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller room, choose a grey with a cooler undertone to make everything feel brighter, more expansive and more airy.

Colour things up with décor

Although grey is an elegant choice, your room will fade into the background if you stick with a neutrals-only colour palette.

A bold and daring option is to choose a lounge suite or armchair in a bright colour – in period homes, a coloured velvet antique-style piece might be perfect.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a new sofa, confine your colour to the décor accessories. A throw blanket, some cushions or a large bunch of fresh flowers are great, inexpensive options that can be changed up as the trends evolve seasonally. Even throwing some books or magazines on top of the coffee table can be a brilliant point of interest that also expresses your personality.

And if you prefer an all-neutral palette?

Sometimes, you may not want to colour your room – sticking with neutral shades can be a beautiful option. Ensure your room has large windows or, if this isn’t possible, a strong light fitting or inexpensive chandelier will bring in the light to make your greys pop.

Grey and crisp white are a perfect pair, with the latter adding brightness to the grey tones. The grey will be more striking when laid upon the white and will look even better.

Shaking things up a little – and being a bit creative with your décor – can also stop the grey being too monotonous. When choosing furniture in all-neutral shades, pick different textures to add variety.